WWE SummerSlam 2018 : was played by Roman Raines vs. Brock Lesnar at the World Championships. Miz vs. Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles for WWE, which is the key view per view for the WWE.

The company appears to be “clearly aware” that its products are struggling and have recently suffered from historically low ratings due to the high ratings of Raw and SmackDown last month with the lowest average ratings in 2018. In June.

The good news is that since then the WWE ratings have moved in the right direction, probably because of a plot around Lesnar’s future, a huge battle between Miz vs. Brian and the games of Ronda Rausi and Alex Bliss.

At least on paper SummerSlam 2018 forms one of the best non-WrestleMania cards in recent memory, and TV ratings in WWE tend to soar during SummerSlam, and WWE can restore some momentum in late summer. Excellent in SummerSlam. Especially when the autumn TV competition began to get heated, largely thanks to football on Monday night WWE, necessary to provide goods in SummerSlam, should theoretically lay the foundation for the biggest autumn storyline.

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The biggest party in the summer is less than one day, and WWE Universe is not thrilled! This card was filled with 13 games from start to finish, most of which promise to be delivered in huge ways.

For 2-hour triple shooting we have a lot of competitions, including two championships. The starting card looks like this: Rusev and Lana – Andrade’Siena’Almas and Zelina Vega (SmackDown Live)

Cedric Alexander (c) against Drukulak – champion in the heavyweight (205 people). Team B and Revival – Team Championship RAW Tag (RAW)

B-Team managed to avoid control over Deleter Of Worlds and retained its label on home RAW last week. However, their problems are not over yet, as they are ready to host the first two NXT Tag The Revival champions.

Cedric Alexander shed tears at 205 Live and became an unbeaten champion behind the brand. He faces a new threat in the form of Drew Gulak. This website is a universal place for the latest WWE rumors and wrestling news.

As for the blue brand, the young upstart Andrade Kien Almas and Zelin Vega’s business partner already have Rusev and Lana’s numbers. Although Aiden English accidentally allowed them to play after the game, despite his good intentions, everything turned out, and now they come face to face in a competition of mixed labels. Will William Aiden again spend Roussef Day?

Since the initial performance is tuned for the SummerSlam atmosphere, this is what you expect from a giant master map.

Will Strum continue to make the same mistakes?
In the last few months, Kevin Owens and Brown Stallman have been the nightmare of each other. When Stephanie McMahon returned to announce the development of PPV, Kevin Owens used her presence and persuaded her to compete with Brown Stroumann at SummerSlam and online with Money In The Bank.

Pay attention that victory is a victory. The inconvenient KO plan means that he only needs to be disqualified or become a new Mr. MITB through countless numbers. Kurt Angle is not satisfied with this idea, but, obviously, he is not the final solution.

With Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens spent the past two weeks in the Braunstrom game, one score and another disqualification. KO really beat Strowman, because he was thrown out of the steel cage The Monster among men.

After several weeks of fierce competition, seeing the challenger for the championship attack, RAW general manager Kurt Angle and his own supporter Paul Heyman, the Roman kingdoms, will challenge Brock Lesnar to take part in the world championship.

AJ Styles will defend the WWE Championship against the old rival ROH and TNA Samoa Jo, who has a variety of tools to steal the show.

WWE SummerSlam Live



After several weeks of hostility between the two RAW superstars, Ronda Rausi will return to the square and become the title of women’s champion RAW Alex Bliss.

Since Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt won the RAW Tag team championship, B-Team Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are making great efforts.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder also seem to have regained their former status, they won huge victories against Hardy and Wyatt, and they played in a game against Reggie. excellent. However, it seems a little unlikely to win the championship in advance against such a duet form.